Backward scholarship:
Those who are BC students will get this scholarship. Such students get SSC As soon as they pass, they should be admitted to the college. If there is a clause in the syllabus, the magistrate should give a bond after writing a stamp of Rs. 50 in front of the magistrate. If the father's monthly income is more than Rs 2 lakh (for SC) and Rs 1 lakh (other than other backward classes), scholarship is not available. Scholarship does not qualify if the student fails. More than two children in a family will not get scholarships. Scholarships get up to the duration of the annual examination from the date of admission.

Scholarships from the University of Shivaji:
A) Quality Scholarship -
Shivaji University has started giving 'Shivaji University quality scholarship' from the academic year 1998-99. In the 12th Arts, Commerce, Science examinations, students who have passed the first attempt at the Kolhapur Board and get more than 60% marks in the Pune Board, and who have passed as a regular student in the next BA / B.Com / B.C. Has entered. Scholarships are given to the students passing the highest marks of such students. The first and second year marks on graduation level are considered for the scholarship to be awarded for the second and third year positions at the graduation level. The student should take the same subject for the third year in the second year examination which has received the highest marks in the subject.

* Types of Scholarships:
These quality scholarships will be of two types
1) Monthly Rs.1000 / - for 1 year
2) Monthly Rs. 500 / - per year for 1 year
The number of scholarships given in these two ways will be equal to the number. In subjects / faculties, the number of students is less than 400 but at least 100. The scholarship amount will be Rs. 250 / - per month for one year. The number of students enrolled in less than 100 will not be considered for scholarship.

* Only for students of social and economically weaker sections:
About 10% of the total scholarships for each faculty / subject are reserved for students of socially and economically weaker sections. The following criteria are considered when choosing such students.
a) Educational background of parents
b) The number of members who are economically dependent on the family head of the parents / relatives students.
c) Primary schooling: Nagarpalika, Zilla Parishad or similar.
d) Parental business and annual income
e) Are the students in hilly, remote and slums and similar areas?
70% of the students will be given the quality of the annual examination.

B) Scholarship for History and English subjects:
Through Shivaji University, there are a total of 4 scholarships, each for two special subjects for history and English. (Scholarships amount Rs. 250 / - per term) B.A. Students who received scholarships can apply for scholarship to 50% in Part-1 and students who have earned at least 50 marks in history and English subjects. History or English for Part-II & III.

C) University scholarship for social science subjects:
Students who have passed H.H.C. The examination has 60% marks and the students who have passed BA Participants can apply for Scholarship for the subjects of Social Sciences (History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology) for Part-II and III. Scholarship receives Rs. 250 / - per term. The total scholarships are 6. In order to continue the scholarship, every exam has to score at least 50% marks in the subject.

D) Sports scholarship:
a) Inter University: The players who have secured first and second positions in the individual matches will be given a prize by the college. But those players who have regular presence in the classroom and have to make satisfactory progress in the study.
b) The sportspersons who are selected for the Inter-University match will be considered for this scholarship by showing special proficiency in the highest divisional and inter-departmental matches.

* State Government Scholarships:
H.H.C. Students who have received more than 60% marks in the examination can apply for scholarship. Multilanguage scholarships are given. Therefore, it is not possible to get scholarship after application. Any scholarship for this scholarship can not be taken for any other scholarship. There is no condition of income for this scholarship. It is necessary to add a statement of point sheet along with the application.

* National Loan scholarship:
H.H.C. Students who get more than 60% marks in the examination can apply for this scholarship, the annual income of the students of the students should be less than Rs. 6000 / -. If the scholarship is given to the upper numbers, then the scholarship will not be received after application.
If you accept this scholarship, no other scholarship can be taken. The scholarship has to be returned to the scholarship for the first year or three years from the end of the scholarship, from the first installment. If you accept a teacher's occupation after education, this amount is not repaid. Add a certified copy of the mark sheet along with it. This scholarship is awarded to the degree program.

* Scholarship to disabled students:
Scholarships are provided to students with disabilities due to osteopathy. H. Hc Candidates who have scored more than 40% marks in the examination and whose annual income is less than Rs. 2400, can be applied for the scholarship. Application in specific form, photograph, birth certificate, income certificate, S. S.C. The application form has to be filled with the examination certificate, medical certificate and by July 31.

* Hindi scholarship:
The Government of India gives scholarship to non-Hindi language researches in Hindi. Candidates can apply for scholarship for higher than 60 marks in Hindi subject in 12th examination. If the scholarship is approved, it is necessary to pass the examination in the subject of Hindi for the B.A. No scholarship can be taken if this scholarship is adopted. In the prescribed format, this application has to be submitted with mark sheet and photographs till October

* Minority Scholarship:
This scholarship is given to those students who are economically weaker in the minority community. From 11th to BA, B.Com. The student can apply for this scholarship. Eligibility for scholarship:
1) The previous exam should have more than 50% marks.
2) Parent's annual income is less than 2 lakhs.

* Renewal of Scholarships:
1) Government Quality Scholarship
2) National loan scholarship
3) National Quality Scholarship
4) Disability Scholarship
5) Scholarship for students from rural areas
6) Scholarship for elementary, secondary teachers
7) University Scholarship
8) Hindi scholarship

Shahu Maharaj Scholarship