Mentor-Mentee Relationship

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines mentor as a trusted counselor or guide. A mentor is an individual, usually older, always more experienced, who helps guide another individual's development. The mentor's role is to guide, to give advice, and to support the mentee. A mentor can help a person (Mentee) improve his or her abilities and skills through observation, assessment, modeling, and by providing guidance.
With this purpose a well structured mentor-mentee system has been developed in the college.
The teachers in the college as a mentor has been allotted a number of students under this system. This mentors generally observe the following norms

  • The mentor prepares the list of students allotted to him as a mentee
  • The mentor collects all the personal and educational information of the mentee through the given format
  • The mentor focuses on the need of the students and regularly updates about the student progress.
  • The mentor establishes consistent communication with the students and counsel him wherever necessary and closely monitor the growth of the students.

With this having said College has developed a well-structured Mentor-Mentee system. The mentor is one resort for a student where one can seek knowledge, guidance and support at all times. The mentor bridges the communication gap between parents and management by regularly updating the parents about the student’s progress and updates from the college. Effective mentoring seeks to provide such a presence by establishing a trustworthy relationship between Mentees and Mentor that:

  • Focuses on the need of the student.
  • Establishes consistent communication with parent & helps closely monitor the growth of student.
  • Our mentors have demonstrated that they are responsible, hard-working, outgoing, and friendly and have a strong passion for being of service to others.