Nisarg Mitra Mandal

The college is very sensitive to the environment issues and works carefully to maintain a green environment in the campus. The college takes necessary steps for water conservation, and prevention of water wastage. The college has formed a „Nature Club‟ and the students are encouraged to participate in the environment protection and nature conservation activities.


  • To introduce the students to the conservation of environment and natural resources.

•  To generate awareness about Nature that has direct bearing upon our physical and mental human health.
• To give the students a feel of natural life by arranging awareness programmes like Bird watching, Trekking and Nature Camp.
•  To arrange meetings, workshops, talks and field trips and picnics for students to create and enhance their awareness of natural environment, biological diversity and naturopathy.
•   To promote concepts of wildlife friendly eco- tourism, eco-friendly house and alternate and
reusable energy sources among students.

Annual Report 2018-19

1.    Nisarga Mitra Mandal and NCC together plants 200 trees on 05/07/2018 in Mouje Kenavade Tal- Kagal on the occasion of Agriculture day. 
2.    On 10th Sept 2018 organized monsoon treak to Gagangad and Palasambe Waterfall and caves. Total 40 students are present to this treak.
3.    On the occasion of Forest Week played documentary film on Biodiversity of Kolhapur District created by forest department of Kolhapur. To watch this documentary 20 student and 4 teachers are present.
4.    On 25 Nov 2018 organized one day forest observation camp and treakking at Chandgad Forests & Pargad Fort.    
5.    On 24th& 25th  December 2018on occasion of Late Y. D. Mane (Anna) jayanti, 11 teaching and non-teaching staff members clean plastic west near 20 bags spread around Ranganai Temple at Rangana Fort.
6.    Star gazing activity is organized at Lakshmi Mandir Hill on Night of 05th January 2019. This activity is guided by Dr. AvirajJatratkar, Chairman of Astronomy and Star Gazing Society of India.     

Plantation 18-19
Given the declining rainfall current and the impact on agriculture, it is necessary to plant and maintain the tree to restore the rainfall. On the occasion of 'World Agricultural Day' - Nisarg Mitra Mandal and NCC Department jointly organized tree plantation program was implemented in Mouje Kenavade, Tal-Kagal, Dist-Kolhapur.
During the program, 40 N.C.C. 200 trees were planted on behalf of the cadets.