Tour Committee

Objectives -

  • To develop the spirit of observation of different life styles and cultures of people living in different areas of the country.

•    To inculcate significance of relation between human life and Nature in different forms.
•    To organize tours, field trips and field visits of different departments
•    To seek necessary permissions for Tour/Field visit etc.
•    To maintain safety and security of students at the time of Tour/Trip etc.
•    To communicate with parents for Parental consent and provide the details of excursion for adventure activities, residential and trips.
•    To maintain the necessary records and prepare the report of Tour/Trip etc.

One day collage tour was organised at the places Marleswar, Ganpatiplue and pawas in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra on 9 march 2019.Forty one students of B.A and classes were participated among along with three faculty members namely Dr. Basavraj swami, Dr.arati Chougale and prof.Mrs.Kajal Jadav .Collage tour became helpful to develop geographical, historical and social knowledge of the students. 

Tour Committee - B.Sc. Department - 
A)Two days excursion tour had arranged on 06/02/2019 - 07/02/2019 for B.Sc- II students. This tour was arranged under the guidance of Prof. Suraj B. Patel , Prof. Tousif S. Nadaf  ,  Prof. Poonam A. Badge , Prof. Tarannum M. Mulla , Prof. Sunil B. Patil.
 Students were visited Malvan, Sindhudurga Fort, Kunkeshwar Beach , Tarkarli , Vijaydurga , Amboli Forest . To familiarise students with nature such tours are arranged.
B)One day study tour has arranged on 29/09/2018 for B.Sc-III (Mathematics and Botany ) Students.This tour was arranged under the guidance of of Prof. Suraj B. Patel , Prof. Tousif S. Nadaf  ,  Prof. Vidya T. Desai , Prof. Tarannum M. Mulla , Prof. Pratidnya V. Patil and Prof. Sunil B. Patil.
Students were visited to kaas Plateau and adjoining area. This plateau was one of the most hottest spot to observe biodiversity. UNISCO declare this site as world heritage site recently. 
C)One day excursion tour had arranged for B.Sc-I (B.Group) students on 15/12.2018 at Panhala and adjoining area. This tour was organized under the Guidence of Prof. Suraj B. Patel, Prof. Tarannum M. Mulla , Prof. Poonam A. Badge ,  Prof. Sunil B. Patil.
Students were visited to Panhala Dort , Tin darwaja , Panhala Forest , Tabak van udyan , Sajja Koti , Ambarkhana etc. Panhala is highest altitude place from Kolhapur district due to which the diversity of flora and fauna is tremendous . This place got geographically and historically important value.
D)One day excursion tour had arranged for B.Sc-III(Botany) students on 18/08/2018 at Panhala and adjoining area. This place is very Important as concern with study of plant and animal diversity. Therefore this tour was arranged to familiarise students with nature.In this tour climate , atmosphere was very beautiful and very diverse type of plant like Algae , Fungi , Bryophyte , Gymnosperm , Pteridophyte and Angiosperm . 
This visit was guided by Prof. Sunil B. Patil , Prof. Rohini D. Kumbhar and Prof. Tarannum M. Mulla. 
E)One day study visit had arranged for B.Sc-II (Botany) students on 05/03/2019 at Lead Botanical garden, Botany Department Shivaji University Kolhapur. LBG is one of the most attractive place to visit for students in university campus . It contain very huge diversity in plants . Also some endemic plants are conserve in nursery . This visit is helpful to students for attraction towards nature .
This visit guided by Prof. Suraj B. Patel  and Prof. T. M. Mulla.
F)Two day excursion tour was organized for B.Sc-III(Botany , Mathematics and Chemistry) on 08/03/2019 at Panjim and Old Goa. This tour was guided by Prof. Suraj B. Patel, Prof. SuryaKant  Patil,  Prof.  Tousif Nadaf.
Students were visited to NIO , Goa University , Old Goa Church , Mangeshi Temple . Bandala Wild life santury as well as industrial area also covered in this tour. Total 77 Students are present for this visit. Along with students Prof. D. D. Halawade , Prof. Tarannum Mulla ,Prof. Sunil Patil, Prof. Pratodnya Patil , Prof. Vidya Desai and Mr. Ananda Bhisure are also present for this visit.
For all these excursion tour Prin. Dr. P. N. Chougale and Prof. D. D. Halwadw was fully co-operated us. Our special thanks for Kagal Bus Depo for providing S.T. Buses for all Tours