Sachetna Mandal


The Sachetna Mandal (Saheli Vyaktimatva Vikas Manch)  has been established in the college to remove inferiority complex amongst the girls especially from rural areas and for the development of personality of girl students. Every girl student after admission becomes member of the Manch automatically. It is a platform provided to the girl students. 

It organizes short term courses for empowerment of girl students. The college imparts counsel to the girl students about their rights, status and identity. The forum, through lectures by women of distinction, tries to prepare them to live with self-esteem and to face the challenges of the patriarchal system. 

  • To organize different programmes as per the guidelines of the university such as- Personality Development Programme, Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan (Fearless Girl Campaign), Yoga and Meditation Training Programme etc for girl students in the college
  • To organize awareness programmes on issues faced by women at work place
  • To take preventive steps towards protection of women staff / girl Students from sexual harassment in the college.
  • To arrange different competitions like Rangoli, Mehandi, crafts for girl students.
  • To create and maintain safe, healthy and supportive environment for women and girl Students in the college campus
  • To organize different life skill based short term courses for girl students
  • To organize workshops creating awareness amongst girl students for health, their legal and social status in the society
Annual Report 2018-19 
1)    First meeting of girls students is organised On 25th July 2018. Committee understands expectations of students from “सचेतना मंडळ”.The instructions regarding discipline, personal and social cleanliness.
2)    On 26 July 2018 the meeting of all ladies professors was conducted for the annual planning of “सचेतना मंडळ” and discussion regarding girls student discipline was taken place.
3)    On July 2018 for all girls students in college installed a wending machine to destroy sanitary pads. 
4) On 14/8/2018 organised taluka level open traditional folk songs competition for ladies by D. R. Mane Mahavidyalaya, Kagal in collaboration with Late ShrimatiSharadabaiGovindaraoPawarAdhyasan, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. In this competition 25 women are participated in personal competition and 80 women are participated in group competition.
5)    On 19/9/2018 organised one day workshop on “Perfumery Making” for girls by Prof. Mrs AshwiniGhatage.
6)    On 11/10/2018 organised one day workshop on different types of “SareeDrapping” for girls by Miss UjawlaPowar student of our college.
7)    On 19/10/2018 organised one day workshop on “Self Defence” for girls by Miss PritiKhot, Trainer of BhagiratiMahilaSantha, Kolhapur.
8)    On 2/11/2018- organised one day workshop on “Hair Dressing” for girls by Miss Sunita Banne& Miss ShivaniKatkar students of our college.
9)    On 26/02/2019 – Purva Enterprises, Kolhapur organised guest lecture of Mrs ArunaJadhav on Health Care and Introduce their product “Feel 5”.
10)    On 8th March 2019 organised guest lecture on “महिला दशा व दिशा” by Mrs.PriyadarshaniChorage, Kohlapur.
11)    On 7th and 8th March 2019 Department of Medical Lab Technician organised “Haemoglobin Testing Camp” for Girls Student.  

The Manch has undertaken the following activities during the year 2013-14
  • Organised counseling and guidance lecture of Dr. Manjusha Deshpande, (Lokvikas Centre, Shivaji University, Kolhapur) on 22nd Aug. 2013
  • Organised a special function of “Mahahadga and Dandiya” only for girl students and ladies staff on  12th Oct. 2013.
  • Organised short term course on “Beauty Parlor And Cooking” only for girl students of Karuna Dalavi, Nanda Rokade, Geeta Khadake and Jyoti Padawale on 14th Oct. 2013
The Manch has undertaken the following activities during the year 2012-13
  • 'Mehandi Competiton' was arranged on 20th July, 2012 in which Thirteen Girls participated.
  • A Street Play 'Panati Gharachi Japuya' about female foetucide was organzied in college premises as well as at different places in Kagal.  12th students participated in same.
  • A workshop on 'The concept of Bachatgat (group saving) and Women Empowerment'  was arranged in ninety women participated.
The Manch has undertaken the following activities during the year 2011-12
  • Sanskarbharti Rangoli Competition on 25th  Aug. 2011
  • Traditional Folk Dance Competition in association with Kagal Nagar Parishad, Kagal.  On 23rd Sept. 2011.
  • One day workshop in association with Prevention of Sexual Harassment committee for Empowerment of girl students enlightening them about social laws, health and the status of women in the society on 2nd Dec. 2012.
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