Internal Complaints Committee

Objectives -

  • To impart the information about the Prohibition of sexual atrocities law to students.

•    To form common groups of boys and girls students in order to create healthy relations and understanding among them by arranging various activities.
•    To organize various programmes and activities in order to create awareness among all the stake holders/concerned about sexual harassment the related laws.
•    To consider and to take appropriate action on all the complaints about sexual harassment.


Member of Internal Complaints Committee-

Presiding Officer
    Prof.Dr.Arati Praveen Chougale

Faculty Member
    Prof. Manisha Rahul Sutar
    Prof.Dr. Basavraj Kalayya Swami

Non-Teaching Employees
    Shilpa Pandurang Jadhav
    Suresh Madhukar Kamble

    Manisha Manohar Patil(B.A.Part-II)
    Shubham Sanjay Sonule (B.Com.Part-III)

External Member
    Adv. Neeta Shivajirao Magadum

Reports 2018-19

1)    On October 23-25and 30-31-Participated in the short-term course on Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Workplace in the Centre for Women’s Studies, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

2)    On 6/2/2019 Organize meeting of all students of F. Y. in college, regarding objectives and functions of Internal Complaints Committee.  महाविद्यालयातील प्रथम वर्षातील सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांची बैठक घेऊन आयसीसी समितीचे उद्देश व कार्य काय आहे याची चर्चा केली. 

3)    On 28/2/2019 organizes Symposium on #metoo for students of B.A-III. and M.Com students- सिनिअर विभागातील (बी.ए.,एम.कॉम.) विध्यार्थ्यांसाठी‘मिटू’ विषयावर परिसंवाद घेतला.