Committee for Meritorious Students

Objectives -

  • To try to enable academically advanced students appear in the University merit list by attaining higher ranks.

•    To provide the target group with special library facilities.
•    To arrange for guidance of experts in individual subjects as well as about art of presentation and time
management at examinations.
•    To hold meetings of the target group for sharing experience about methods of study and examinations.


The working of the committee in the year 2018-19 is a follows.

1.    Listing of merit holders students.
2.    Preparation of yearly planning of the committee in the meeting.
3.    Guest Lecture:
      I .Guest Lecture of prof. Sandip Hargane of English department on 23/10/2018
         “Study of English subject and techniques of solving the question paper”.
      II. Guest lecture of prof.Tejaswini Shitole of Hindi department on 11/12/2018
             “How to do study?” 
       III. Date 20/12/2018
             Lecturer:  prof.Tejaswini Shitole
              Subject:”Tackle with exam”

4.     Study Room: Facility of study room is provided to college students.
5.     Library Facility: Scholar card and other facilities provide to merit holder students.

Prin .Dr. Praveen Chougale sir, Liabary staff has given valuable support and co-operation to the committee.