Vision, Mission Goals and Core Values


  • "Duritache Timir Jawo" "दुरिताचे तिमिर जावो"

    (May the darkness of ignorance, corruption and wickedness be eradicated from the society in general and the   students in particular)


  • To motivate the socially and economically disadvantaged students from rural area to acquire educational excellence, leadership and enable them to become global citizens
  • To inculcate introspective, scientific and democratic attitude among students through value education and social as well as environmental awareness
  • To impart skill-based education to convert students into employable human resource at national and international levels


1- a) To conduct co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and programmes that would support academically disadvanced students
b) To enable economically backward students to become financially independent
c) To enable students to overcome all social barriers in their social development

2-  a) To organize activities and programmes that would lead to national integration
b) To make all the efforts that would make / transform the students into good human beings by way overall Personality Development
c) To create environmental consciousness among the students 

3-  a) To promote innovative practices and creative spirit among the student by encouraging them to undertake research works.
b) To devise short term add-on and value-added courses to enable the students to acquire various skills.
c) To encourage the students to acquire higher competencies leading to employability making them good human beings ready to serve the nation 

Institutional Core Values

In order to strike balance among local, regional, national and global educational imperatives and to ensure external and internal validity and credibility, the overall functioning of the IQAC is grounded within a value framework elucidated below:

1. Contributing to National Development: The goals of the college reflect and objective of contributing to National development.  The college pledged and important role in human resource development and capacity building of individuals.  Keeping in view the needs of the economy, society and the country as a whole the college plans its activities.  It tries to contribute to the national development through serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equity and increasing access to higher education. 

2. Fostering to Global Competencies amongst students: The College endeavors to impart to the students the skills useful on the global level.   It tries to make the students aware of the internationally acceptable standards of education.  Also it tries to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial in approach.

3. Inculcating Value System among Students:  Having cultural pluralities and diversities the college strives to inculcate appropriate and desirable value system among students in accordance with social, cultural and environmental realities at the local, national and universal levels. Along with the core universal values such as truth and righteous values necessary for professional developments such as co-operation and mutual understanding are emphasized through learning experience and opportunities.

4. Promoting the use of Technology: The College endeavors to adopt modern tools and technological innovations to make the teaching-learning experience more motivating and the governance more effective. To make the educational transactions technologically advanced and innovativeoptimum utilization of ICT tools is encouraged.  Conscious efforts are made to invest in hardware sufficiently and orient the faculty suitably.  Ready and relevant information is provided to stakeholders the institutional website.  Efforts are made to make the campus community ICT friendly. 

5. Quest for Excellence:  As highlighted in the goals of the college, all possible efforts are made to develop the college into a centre of excellence and, in turn, to contribute to national building.  Steering committee prepares the SSR and carries out the SWOC analysis in respect of the College in general and TLE in particular. 

6.  Employability Development:  Considering the needs of the time the institutional focus is being shifted from theory to practical. More emphasis is given on the employability development courses. Accordingly soft skills and life skills are incorporated in the general function of the College. 

7.  Promoting Research and Scientific Temperament: Students should be promoted to solve the problems of the locality. In order to link the local to the global, the College endeavors to create the research oriented ambience in the campus and to inculcate scientific attitude among the students.

8.  Knowledge and Skill Development: Generating knowledge is as significant as acquiring knowledge. This is possible only when the research culture is introduced into the general higher education. The College makes all the efforts to equip general higher education with skill development.