About Us

The Kagal Education Society (KES) was established in 1960 by Hon’ble Shri. Y. D. Mane (Anna) with the motto ‘Service to Man is thetrue religion’. The KES opened its doors to 100 students from the backward class in its first endeavor in 1960. i.e. “Devchand Shah Chhatralaya”, the hostel for the destitute Children.Since then, The KES has undergone many ordeals during its remarkable journey of 45 years.  Incidentally, the very site of the hostel was trodden upon by the holy and pious feet of Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu, the Champion for the cause of the downtrodden. KES has witnessed the growth of institutes in different fields such as education, vocational training and education, distance education, agriculture, healthcare and various social activities. Consistent emphasis on ‘Service to Man’ is the driving force behind the growth of KES.